Diary of a Wheel Girl

Diary of a Wheel Girl


How I Used an Interior Designer (Virtually!) for a Total Bargain With Havenly!

Interior decorating…Something I wish I was good at, but, let’s just say…I’m totally not.

As a social media influencer, I often see other people’s homes online and it’s hard not to compare. My house is lived in and loved, but as far as styled, it has been sub par. I had long wanted an interior designer to come over and work their magic so I looked into it. Guess what..that is freaking expensive. I did some more research and came across an AMAZING option. A virtual interior designer through a site called Havenly.

The living room in my home was “blah” to say the least. Old furniture, clutter, and no color. My husband also had all of his fly fishing stuff on his desk in the corner. I have been so badly wanting to transform it into a beautiful space but I had no idea where to start. Havenly is so easy to use with over 400 designers to choose from. You can browse each designer and the designs that they’ve put together. This will be the person helping you one-on-one. You can also choose what kind of budget you have. I wanted to keep it at a lower budget.

The next step is the super fun part! Start sending inspo photos to your account so your designer knows your dream style. I also took a quiz where I clicked on the designs I liked best. After chatting with my designer, Meghan, my style was a cross between coastal, farmhouse and a little bit of boho. I uploaded photos, videos and measurements of the room as well as any of my own furniture or accent pieces I wanted to incorporate of my own. I chose to keep our brown sofa because it’s just so comfortable. I also kept a recliner we have.

From there, your designer will start on some looks! They will send you a few options and you can pick your favorites or ask them to make some tweaks. Once you pick your favorite design, your interior designer will add the finishing touches. I love that they gave multiple options for each piece. For example, she picked around 7 coffee tables that would fit in the space, and I was able to pick my favorite. It shows the price of each and what store the item comes from. I did this for everything from the area rug, to the shelves, pillows, curtains and other accent pieces.

The best part? It adds everything to one shopping cart so you don’t have to make purchases from multiple stores! They not only take care of that for you, they also initiate any returns you may want to make. I had a return to make because the color of the table was darker than pictured on the site, Wayfair. It was a total breeze.

Once I got my items, I was able to refer back to the 3D design so I knew how to set everything up. I also had my personal designer help me the whole way. I even got her advice on what color I should paint the room…and it’s beautiful!

My husband Chris was amazing putting everything together and in its place. (Thanks babe!) Once everything was all said and done…I was completely in love. It’s the room that everyone likes to chill in because it’s just so airy and cozy. I could have never splurged for a designer to come to my house and with Havenly, I didn’t need to. I can’t wait to use them again for my next room makeover!

Use code RACHELLE for 25% off the Mini & Full Package! You will absolutely love it!

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