Diary of a Wheel Girl

Diary of a Wheel Girl


How You Can Create Boxtumes Using Amazon Prime Boxes: A Wheel Girls Version!

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Halloween is right around the corner and my family is gearing up for our favorite holiday! Our neighborhood gets a ridiculous amount of trick-or-treaters and by that I mean I get like 600! I don’t know if that will be able to happen this year but I know we are keeping the spirit alive (or dead!) with some awesome #boxtumes, made out of Amazon Prime boxes and crafting supplies around the house

As a wheelchair user, the most creative way to make a costume (aka boxtumes!) is to use boxes! It’s an easy and cost effective way to create cool boxtumes no matter what your abilities may be. Here’s some costumes from years past!

If you are like my family, you have a large amount of Amazon boxes laying around the house and boxtumes is a great way to upcycle those boxes while also saving money for other fun Halloween festivities!

For the first time since being a wheelchair user, I have decided to go spooky! So what did I end up coming up with you ask? Well if you follow my story, you know that I was named in the media as the “paralyzed bride“ after sustaining a spinal at my bachelorette party. So for this year, I decided to become the skeleton bride!

Here’s my step-by-step instructions for how to create a coffin boxtume for any kind of spooky ghoul on wheels


  • Amazon boxes
  • Packaging Tape
  • Black duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter
  • Pencil

Step 1.

Find a box that fits your chair. Take a pencil and start drawing a line down from the top where you want to cut the box back. Once you get down to the wheel, trace around there

Step 2

Take a box cutter and cut away the unneeded part including the front of the box

Step 3.

Cut two slits in the back corners. Once we get going, you will see that this will help give the coffin its shape

Step 4.

Get a second box of the same size. All you need is two side pieces so they match up with the first box. You can use the outline of the first box to help you out. (Save the front or back because you will need it later)

(Moving inside as it started to rain!)

Step 5.

Tape the sides on! You are going to want to tape on the inside and outside to reinforce it.

Your box should look like this!

Step 5.

Use a smaller box to make your top

Step 6

Now use One of those extra sides from the box in step 4. Tape the top on top and use that scrap piece on the back to reinforce the shape!

Step 7.

Use another big box and trace the outer edge of the body you created. Tape that on well and you have your coffin!!

Step 8.

Now use black duct tape to cover the entire coffin.

Step 9.

Use a box cutter to cut flaps in the side in case the wheelchair user would like to wheel themselves around. We can easily stick our arms through it but it looks a lot better as a flap instead of a hole
If you would like, you can Cut flaps or holes in the back where the push handles are so you can get assistance if needed!

When not in use, the flap can be pushed back in and it will look pretty camouflaged


Chris and Kaylee even joined the fun as my ghostly groom and zombie flower girl!

I encourage y’all to make your own boxtumes with Amazon Prime boxes this Holiday Season! Share your boxtume on social media by tagging @amazon, and using #boxtumes and #morethanabox. Get inspiration by searching these hashtags as well!

Happy Halloween!!!!

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