Diary of a Wheel Girl

Diary of a Wheel Girl


Let’s Talk Pain: The U.S. Pain Foundation’s Pain Awareness Month is Shining a Light on Pain

When you first have a devastating accident like mine, you’re actually so focused on surviving that you don’t think about the possibility of lifelong pain. Do tomatoes California three I suffer from neuropathic pain and pain in my shoulders and joints. Chronic pain extremely hard to deal with emotionally so I’ve been on a path to lessen that pain for 11 years. One thing I know for sure is that I’m not alone.

September is Pain Awareness Month, and this year, the U.S. Pain Foundation is highlighting all the ways #PainCounts. 50 million people suffer from chronic pain and 20 million of those people have pain that significantly impacts their daily life. I fall into this category.

The U.S. Pain Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to advocate for those living with pain and to support and empower them as well. They know that pain and pain treatmentis are very individualized. Obtaining relief may combine multiple techniques such as medications, neuromodulation and restorative therapies, and self-management techniques, like heat and cold therapy.

For me, the scariest part of my injury was the pain I was experiencing. Because of the damage to my spinal cord I experience severe neuropathic pain that is very similar to phantom pain. It seems like it came out of nowhere which made it even harder to deal with. It feels like you’re being set on fire and I unfortunately feel this all over my body. It affects everything in my life. At times, it is also mentally draining.

For this particular pain, medication takes the edge off and I make sure to consume lots of water. I also experience serious pain in my elbows, shoulders, neck and back. For this type of pain I Will do my best to rest and I like to utilize heat and cold therapy.

Sunbeam has an amazing line of products for incorporating heat and cold therapy into your pain management routine. One of my favorite products is the GoHeat™ USB Powered Heating Pad. With the USB, you can plug into a computer, your car or any power bank! If you use your own power source you can slip it into a pocket on the heating pad and go completely cordless! A 55-inch adjustable strap brings secure, targeted heat therapy to your back, arms, legs, or shoulders, and 3 heat settings offer customized treatment.

I love being able to easily strap this heating pad on my shoulder and arms whenever I’m feeling like I need some relief.

Remember that pain management is not a one size fits all thing and that it will take some trial and error to figure out how to relief some of your pain. it’s so important to have patience and to stay hopeful.

Check out further resources at https://mypainplan.org/.

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