Diary of a Wheel Girl

Diary of a Wheel Girl


Wheelchair Life & Pain Go Hand-in-hand. Here’s How Heat Therapy Helps Me!

The moment I was told that I would never walk again was the moment my pain journey really started. I had sustained a spinal cord injury and nothing would ever be the same. I was so focused on the fact that I would no longer be able to walk, that I did not even comprehend that losing my ability to walk would not actually be my biggest problem.

Over time, my body started to hurt in certain places that were strained by my new life. My back was really tight and my shoulders were on fire. Shoulder pain is extremely common with wheelchair users. Our shoulders aren’t made to push our bodyweight all day across parking lots and up ramps, transfer multiple times, and reach above our heads for everything. Shoulder pain can show up pretty soon after someone becomes a wheelchair user and it is even more of a problem for those who have used one their whole life.

My back can also get really tight which causes me to be pretty uncomfortable. I don’t personally have a lot of feeling in my back but the tightness rears it’s ugly head in the form of nerve pain and spasms. NOT FUN! to say the least.

I’m constantly having my hubby rub my back and shoulders because they are so sore. While I love my rub downs, I decided to rethink my relief with heat Sunbeam portable therapy. Heat is clinically proven to relieve pain associated with muscle tension and stress AND it’s natural. The heat increases blood flow, which accelerates tissue healing and relaxes sore muscles.

The GoHeat™ Cordless Heating Pad from Sunbeam is my all time favorite heating pad for SOOO many reasons. The coolest benefit of it being cordless is that I can wear it while going about my day and not being required to sit near an outlet! I’ve worn it while doing housework, playing with my daughter outside, going for a roll in my neighborhood and even out shopping and driving.

Here are some of the features of The GoHeat™ Cordless Heating Pad

  1. Long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 4 hours of heat on a single charge on Low setting
  2. Just slip the battery unit/heating pad controller into the pad’s side pocket, adjust the strap to fit, and enjoy portable, soothing pain relief.
  3. Hotter and faster heat* that you can feel in just 30 seconds (*vs. leading single use, heated pain relief solution)
  4. Features 2-hour auto-off for peace of mind
  5. Customize treatment with 3 different heat settings with Sunbeam Heating Pad Level Heat, without the cord** (**as compared to Model 731-510)
  6. Machine washable pad for easy care
  7. Soft, Micromink fabric in slate gray

I have a long life I want to live as independently as possible with as little pain as possible. Plus I’m not just living for me. I’m living everyday for my beautiful daughter.

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  1. Great advice and information I never considered. Your advocacy will make changes for everyone who needs it!

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