Diary of a Wheel Girl

Diary of a Wheel Girl


Wheelchair Travels: Here’s Why Puerto Rico Was The Best Choice Ever

I wanted to go somewhere with my mom and I was lucky to win some plane tickets to anywhere in the world. Unfortunately my mom couldn’t get a passport in time so we had to find a great location that didn’t require a passport and was hopefully tropical. I did a quick google search and decided to travel to Puerto Rico. From a FANTASTIC hotel, to accessible tours and adaptive kayaking. This is by far the best trip I’ve had.

The hotel

I looked all over the internet trying to find a good hotel with pool lifts and easy access to the beach. Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort was at the top of my list. When making my reservation I was happy that they let me know about some of the specials. Because I asked about a AAA discount but they had a deal that was the same price and included breakfast for two every day two massages on the beach, two free drinks and a little bit of casino money. Yes, the hotel has a casino! The pool had two lifts and even a lift into the separate hot tub. I was worried about my mom having to do so much lifting because we wanted to go in the pool and on the beach etc. but the staff was amazing. The staff helped me on the lift and got me in and out of the pool. They even had a swim up bar and I tried to sit my paralyzed self on the seat but my butt floats LOL. Nevertheless I did sit awkwardly while drinking a delicious strawberry daiquiri. And I have to add, they do NOT skimp on the alcohol!


The beach

The beach was by far the most beautiful beach I had ever seen. Hammocks and palm trees made a row in the sand and it was super easy to get to from my wheelchair. There was a ramp that goes from the restaurant down to the sand but everything else was level. They don’t currently have a beach chair so pushing on the sand is difficult. But the employees at the hotel were so welcoming and helpful when it came to my physical needs! Every day, they were the ones who tilted me back in my chair and took me all the way out to the ocean water and set up an umbrella and chairs for me and my mom. They even assisted in my transfer to get onto the beach chair. For any of you who can relate to traveling with someone that you love who isn’t like this big strong man, you don’t want to put any physical stress on their vacation. This beautiful resort lifted all of those worries and allow my mom to have the relaxation she deserved! I even got a massage on the beach, which was included in my package. They lifted me onto the table and my mom got me on my stomach. They even have employees from the resort come around and take your drink orders while you’re sitting on the beach. The umbrella and chair service is included in your resort fee when you pay for your room.



The room

The room perfectly fit our needs and it was absolutely beautiful! We stayed in room 302 which to our delight was an oceanfront room. I did not measure the bed height but it only came a tiny bit above my wheelchair seat height. Raise your hand if you’ve been to a hotel where the bed came up to your shoulder! The room is carpeted but it is easily rolled around on. The bathroom was nearly perfect. There is a roll in shower where you can use the bench they have provided there which worked great for me. My only negative is that if you are someone who cannot stand, you aren’t going to be able to reach the hand held shower head. I don’t travel alone so it wasn’t a problem once it was handed to me but if you are alone, you may need to have a staff member bring it down for you so you can just leave it down for your vacation. Everything else was perfect. I was able to actually see in the mirror because they have it angled down with a roll under sink.

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The Food

I don’t think I’ve ever been more obsessed with the food at any other resort I’ve ever been to. I’m going to keep it real. I gained 5 pounds on this trip but it was so so worth it! One of the less expensive items on their menu is their pizza. They hand make the dough. Breakfast was included with my resort package and the buffet was fantastic. Having lunch by the pool was one of my favorite things because of the view and the crazy delicious coconut shrimp! But the dinner OMG! The lobster bisque, the filet mignon… and don’t forget dessert! Some of the best carrot cake I’ve ever had.



Things to do

We spent a lot of time at the resort but we did venture off for 2 of our vacation days. There are multiple accessible transportation options and tours that you can go on. Some tours are upwards of $500 for 2 people but it takes the planning hassle out of things. For example, there is an accessible old San Juan tour for $400 or you can do what we did. We had accessible transportation take us there, drop us off and wait for us, then pick us back up for a much cheaper price. I’ll delve into what we did (including a breathtaking kayak tour!) and give you info about other options as well

Old San Juan

We decided kind of last minute we wanted to spend the day going to old San Juan and my mom wanted to hit up this beach where there was lots of sea glass. I research accessible transportation and only one company was able to arrange transportation same day. F&V Transportation was so accommodating! They showed up with basically a wheelchair accessible bus and they knew exactly what they were doing when stepping my wheelchair down. He pointed out various historical spots and dropped us off in old San Juan. We visited shops and ate at a yummy restaurant called Gringos. There are some cobblestone streets and some businesses have one step to get in. Our driver knew the best place to drop us off but if you get into certain parts of old San Juan, the sidewalks are too narrow for wheelchairs and the curb cut outs are not great. These are easily avoidable though. Our driver waited for us in the parking lot and then took us to the beach so my mom could get her Seaglass. We had him for about 3 hours and it cost us $150 total.


Penial Access Tours

I was fortunate to find an AMAZING wheelchair friendly company called Penial Access Tours. They took me to the rainforest, the beach and kayaking. we literally had the owner, Alex, as our personal driver and tour guide for a total of 10 hours that day. Having his driving service, access to the rain forest, an excursion to the beach and a kayaking experience was only $360 for two of us. Alex does not currently have a wheelchair accessible vehicle but he lifted me into the front passenger seat all day and my wheelchair fit perfectly into the back of his SUV. I cannot even tell you how impressed I was with this company! I’ll elaborate on my amazing experiences below!


El Yunque Rainforest is absolutely breathtaking and the drive is worth it alone. You wouldn’t be able to go on trails obviously but there it a beautiful waterfall you can get pretty close to for some pictures. There’s handicap accessible parking right by it as well.



Accessible beach

Luquillo Beach is extremely accessible and it is stunning! There are sidewalks, wheelchair accessible bathrooms and outdoor showers. If you plan ahead, there’s an organization called Sea Without Barriers that has beach wheelchairs and people to assist you. We just found a nice place on the beach and soaked up the sun. Alex wheeled me everywhere including through the sand. Mom was able to relax. One of the coolest things they had near the beach was an accessible restaurant where there was literally a ramp that went to the second story so that you could sit on the balcony and overlook the ocean. I’ve never seen a two-story ramp at a restaurant! I hate myself for not writing down the name of it but it’s in the Luquillo Kiosks

Accessible Kayaking

This is legit one of my favorite experiences I’ve ever had. After our beach excursion, Alex picked me up and put me in his SUV (again…poor guy!) and we were off to Bio Bay for some nighttime kayaking the water here is bioluminescent so when something touches it, I creates a glittery turquoise effect. They specialize in taking people with mobility issues out to experience this beauty. There is one kayak that has a chair with arm rests mounted inside and it’s somewhat of a padded seat.  They even had mats to put on the sand to roll me close to the kayak before transferring me. Many employees with Pennial Access Tours assisted and it was super smooth. I was paired with an amazing guide who did all of the paddling. It was seeing the water light up in the night was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I was in good hands the whole time!


other accessible options?

There are other accessible options that we didn’t do as well. There are a couple of historical Forts that are very accessible including Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo de San

Cristobal. where. Another popular tour is at the Bacardi Distillery. You can read more about these experiences on another blog about accessibility by Cory Lee.

You Should Go!

Honestly this was the best vacation I’ve ever had regardless of whether I was walking or in a wheelchair. I have never been to a more welcoming and understanding place where everyone was willing to help. They even seem like they knew what they were doing at the airport! I have some opportunities to travel again in the next couple of months and I almost just want to go back here! I feel like I was totally spoiled by the accommodations! so who’s ready to go!?





85 thoughts on “Wheelchair Travels: Here’s Why Puerto Rico Was The Best Choice Ever”

  1. Linnette Garcia

    I’m so happy that you had an awesome time in my homeland, Puerto Rico. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation experience in your blog. Puerto Rico have a long road to go after hurricane Maria but we are in the right track. Thank you! God bless you!

    1. Hello Rachelle I’m glad that you chose and enjoyed your leisure time in my beautiful Puerto Rico. I’m very inspired with your story and continue living every single minute with such amazing attitude. God bless you!!!

  2. Elizabeth Rosa

    Thank you for coming to Puerto Rico.
    I’m glad that you have a great time.
    Hope that you can come with the rest of the family in the future

  3. I’m happy you and your mom had a great time in our Island, our home. You are more than welcome to come anytime you like. The Restaurant at the Luqillo’s Kiosk is called Jibaro’s and it’s kiosk #22.

  4. Barney Rivera Ramos

    Thank you for visiting PR. And you and your family’s and friends are welcome to come back anytime. Thank you.

  5. Juan Carlos Richiez

    Thank you for visit our small island. Thank you for sharing your experience with tje world. God bless you

  6. Rachelle, thank you for your beautiful comments on my beloved island of Puerto Rico. We hope to see you again soon here. God bless you!

  7. Me alegra y me enorgullese grandemente que te alla gustado tanto mi isla y nuestra cultura eres mas que Bienvenida a mi hermoso Puerto Rico Dios te Bendiga y ojala puedas volver y seguir disfrutando de nuestro paraiso ❤?

  8. Madeline Negron

    Happy to know that your stay in our island was a pleasure
    Please come again and keep on writing

  9. So happy you visited my beautiful island Puerto Rico. Did you eat “mofongo”? We would love to have you again and your Mom. Hope you return soon! Blessings! ❤️??

  10. I love your story about our beautiful island. One of our best asset is our people, we are a family oriented people and others know us for our people great hear. I was in tears of joy reading your story and enjoying the beautiful pictures you post. Hope you can visit the island again soon!

  11. Luis Candelario

    Hi!!!! I live in Puerto Rico and has family in a wheelchair and did not know about all the possibilities and options that we have. I was smiling all the way reading your blog, so happy that you enjoy your visit so much!!!!

  12. Wilmaris Melendez

    Love the way you have seen my island. It is paradise, we still have alot of work to do but I would’t live anywhere else. #ilivewhereuvacation. Much love to you from is Puertorricans and thank you!!! Come Back any time!!! <3

  13. Hi Rachelle
    As a puertorrican i am very happy that you loved your stay. I am really proud to say that these accommodations exists basically around most of the island and in all our hotels. I get what you say about most places for vacationing. I myself have traveled to many countries in Europe and I’m in shock that most of them are not wheelchair accessible, specially in tourism attractions and not to mention bathrooms where most restaurants have them in different levels only accessible by narrow stairs. I get you. Again, proud for my island and our people. You are welcome back any time!

  14. I’m so happy for you and mami,the you did have a amazing vacation in my island,we’re good people and we treat everyone the same.you have to go to the haciendas ,country side so you can really see are culture.

  15. Madeline Negron

    Happy to hear that your stay was a pleasure. Next time you visit our island,visit Vega Baja beach we have wheelchairs for the beach.

  16. Myriam Montilla

    I am so happy that you had a great time in Puerto Rico. Thank you for writing about it!!!! I love my island and my people, you described both beautifully!

  17. OMG! I am SO happy you enjoyed your visit to Puerto Rico. I glad to hear our tourists loved PR and they would like to come back.

    PR lo hace mejor!

  18. I’m so proud that you have this opinion of my island. I’m so glad that you and your mom enjoyed.
    I have to move to US 14 yrs ago but my heart still in PR. I born and lived there for 27 yrs…can you imagine have those vacation experience every single day!!!
    It was amazing but sadly we have very serious economic issues there and the government is full of corruption and is hard to live day by day. Besides that is THE PARADISE. Hope you can go back and have more experience because there’s a lot more to do over there.
    God bless you! ?????

  19. Rita Cañizares

    Thank you,for visiting my country,we are proud to have you here,hopping next time you visit,explore the west of the island and the south,appeciating your article,love it,have a nice day.

  20. So grateful to read all of this experiences! So pleased to show you the real thing of our beautiful island. You are more than welcome anytime. And maybe the Kiosko of Luquillo was Jibaro’s.

  21. Thank you so much for those Beautiful coments about my Beautiful p.r God be with you .this isyour home

  22. How great is to hear that. Hospitality define us as Puertorricans, above everything else you mentioned. Thanks for sharing your experience with the world. Come back soon!

  23. Ramon C Rivera

    Me alegra mucho que hayas disfrutado al,máximo esos días en mi bella isla y tu experiencía fue tan buena,gracias por visitarnos ,que se repita ,bendiciones ????

  24. Thanks for visiting us, I’m from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico and I appreciate all the beautiful words that you said about my island. You’re welcome to visit us again.

  25. Oh I’m so happy that you enjoyed my beautiful island home! It almost brings me to tears at how beautifully you describe your stay, thank you. I hope you go back for more fun in the sun 🙂

  26. Thanks for such beautiful words. I feel so happy for you. As a “boricua” I am honored to receive such wonderful tourists like yourself. There are many more amazing places for you to enjoy and discover on your second trip to your new home in the Caribbean!

  27. Elizabeth Natal

    Hi,i’m so glad you like and enjoy your stay at my island. That’s what we do here, welcome everyone like their were family. Puertorrican people are the most loving,helpfull,careing,friendly and resilent people in the world. I guess you can’t even imagine that we survive a category 5 hurricane in 2017. There’s a lot of beautyfull places to see here, next time come to the west, to the town of Rincon. There are the most beautyfull beaches in the island and the most amazing sunset you’ll ever see.

  28. This make me smile. Your experience reflects our true hospitality culture. Wow to the Marriott Hotel for taking action snd having accommodations for access needed customers. Our people when they are doing what they love and are passionate about they go above and beyond. Thank you for visiting ad sharing the love… Puerto Rico is the enchanted island. I

  29. Mildred Valentin Neal

    You are beautiful and I am glad that my people and my enchanted island welcomed you like that. Puerto Rico is an amazing place and our people are just humble and amazing… I’m super excited that you had a great time. My dad is also in a wheelchair . He is a double amputee and he would love the kayaking… Hope you can make it back soon. Puerto Rico will welcome you with open arms.

  30. So proud of my island and its people. Like everywhere in the world, we had good and bad things. But our people is the best we have. We are always open to help, specially those in special needs. Hope you can come and visit us again and travel to the center of the island, where humble people live and are heart touching. So glad you enjoyed our Paradise!! I live where other vacations!!!

  31. Glad to know you had such a great time in Puerto Rico. Thank you for sharing your experience. Please come back soon, there is plenty more to do, see and eat!

  32. Im so glad that you had such good time.and so proud of the people in my island that help you and make you feel welcome.and so glad that you enjoy yourself.it is good to hear good things about my island.thank you.and hope you go back

  33. Girl, this made my day! Im happy that you enjoyed your stay to the fullest. To read this blog about your vacations here makes me feel proud and joyful. This is truly a beautiful island filled with wonderful people. Hope ypu come back soon! ? youre are always welcome.

  34. I am so glad that you were able to enjoy what is to be in Puerto Rico. We welcome you and everyone as part of our family, no matter where people are from. We enjoy it and want others to feel at home as well. We hope you come back to our home soon. You should also consider Christmas as one of you future vacations. Our home is your home as well. And THANK YOU, for choosing Puerto Rico!

  35. Thank you for your beautiful words. We welcome you and everyone to visit our home.I am glad that you got to enjoy what really is to be in Puerto Rico. You should also consider coming during Christmas. Come and visit as many times. P.R is your home too!

  36. José Luis Carrasquillo

    I’m so happy you enjoy my island Puerto Rico. I hope you can come back soon and enjoy more of other areas in PR. Lovely pictures. Best of luck for you and your family.

  37. Hello thnaks for your visit I loved your articule about your visit to Puerto Rico and yes we are very special so come again soon.

  38. Vivian Ramirez

    I am very happy to know you had such a wonderful time in my little island. I remember reading about you when you had the accident and wishing you the best outcome possible. It feels great to find out that you’re a mom living a very good life. Feeling proud of all the people that made you feel so comfortable and taken care of. You’re welcome back anytime.

  39. This is the thing That for being puertiricans with are proud off my island is beautiful and you only see part of it you have to go Next time to Culebra and Vieques we have amazing beaches there too PR have a lot to enjoy good you like it come back soon I was there in memorial weekend and went to Culebra with have an amazing time . And your pictures are amazing thanks for posting

  40. Thank you so much for visit my hometown Puerto Rico. My name is José Vélez of Aguas Buenas Puerto Rico. I live now in North Richland Hills Texas. Again thanks for enjoy my culture, my beach and my Puerto Rican people.

  41. I’m so happy that you had a great experience in PR. I have also stayed at that Courtyard and it’s amazing! I hope you visit again. Our people are very welcoming!

  42. I am so glad that you and your mom enjoyed your stay. It makes me proud that everyone went out of their way to make you both comfortable. I know the importance of handicap accessiblity since my mom was bedridden and I could only to take her out in a wheelchair. Thank you for sharing your experience and expressing such beautiful words about our island of Puerto Rico. Hope you come again soon and try visiting our beautiful islands of Vieques and Culebra. God bless you and your family.

  43. Marisol Lorenzo

    Thank you so much for this precious review of Puerto Rico. I’m so glad for the joy you experienced. God bless you and your dear mother.

  44. Thanks for visiting the island and your positive comments. I have a vacation house and apartment that is handycap accesible in Trujillo Alto mountains (south San Juan 9 mile from beach, sju airport, nightlife and casinos). (407)561-6348

  45. Jessica Campos

    Girl!!! Reading you blog about your visit to Puerto Rico is everything! I wanted to read it just to see if you described my Island just as I would, and they way you shared your vacation made me want to go back! I appreciate you and your mother coming to visit and truly hope you do come back! You are welcomed forever.

  46. Greetings Rachelle,

    Thank you for taking some of your valuable time to visit my beautiful island Puerto Rico.
    Your are definitely making a difference in this world with your blog and kindness.
    God bless you always we truly value your words.
    Thank You,

  47. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m so happy you enjoyed your stay in my beautiful island. Hopefully you can visit us again soon and enjoy other beautiful areas of the island. Blessings

  48. I haven’t been home in 7 years!! Loved looking at your pictures and remembering everything, so beautiful!!Glad u had a wonderful time!

  49. Annie Corsino

    I am an 84 years old Puertorrican who lived many years in New York. I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed your visit in our Island and were treated as you deserved. I hope that you have the opportunity to come again. God bless you

  50. William del Moral

    I’m so glad you and your mom had a wonderful time in our beautiful island home. Most importantly that you experienced our peoples loving and caring nature. Thank you for sharing in your blog.
    I would like to take this opportunity to challenge you and other tourists to continue to share your personal PR experiences with family, friends, and acquaintances. Hold your ground in the face of bigotry and stereotypes and respond with “… that’s not true. My experience is …” Respond with love and peace.
    I wish you and your family many happy travels. Que Dios los bendiga.

  51. Gracias, Thank you for comming and sharing your visit to Puerto Rico. I am so happy that you and your mom had such wonderful time with us. Blessings, ?

  52. Puerto Ricans are very hospitable and empathetic. We love to help mankind and have a beautiful island we are very proud of. Thank you so much for your visit.

  53. Yiomarie Rodriguez

    I’m so happy for you!!
    I have a disability and also I’m puertorican.
    You select the hotel that my boyfriend and I are planning to go next authum. It is great to know the hotel have people who take care of us.
    Thank you for share your gorgeous experience!

  54. Please come back! and bring your family and friends. Christmas is a very, very special time for us. Question: did you hear people clapping when your plane landed? Is a Puerto Rican thing. Good luck and please, please come back.

  55. Hi Rachelle I’m glad you had an amazing vacation with your mom in Puerto Rico USA and I enjoyed every minute of your blog and picture as well. I’m a supervisor of the Metropolitan Bus Authority very knowing as the (AMA) we have a program called Llame y Viaje knowing in English as Call and Travel with excellent trained professional drivers and calling center with scheduling your hours for your day. Even do we don’t travel around the Island but we do give service around the metropolitan area and we do pick up in the Airport and our service is door to door. Hour program starts at 05:00 until 21:00,any questions you may have fill free and call the Metropolitan Bus Authority (AMA) in advance on your next trip to Puerto Rico USA and thanks for blogging your vacation like we say Me Isla es su Isla Puerto Rico awaits for you and your family and friends as well.

  56. Mi Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico, no hay nada más que buscar, gracias por visitar la isla y tener tanto agradecimiento y palabras hermosas que de seguro motivarán a otros a visitarnos.

  57. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know how happy I am that you enjoyed your time in PR and our people. Hope you come back soon!

  58. Rachelle “The Beautiful Wheel Girl ” I’m glad you visited my beautiful island of Puerto Rico and you got a great impression of our service as a town of our tourism and our people. I loved your photos and I wish you all the success and happiness of the world. Here an islander from Puerto Rico.

    Thank you for your note on your blog so that the world knows my town under your eyes and your pleasant experience.

  59. My wife and I have been to Puerto Rico many times and we like the Southwest , Guanica especially because it is the Caribbean and the water is calm . We go to Cana Gorda beach and there they have a concrete ramp set up that takes the wheel chairs right into the ocean. (My wife notices these things she is a nurse in a Veteran’s Soldiers Home).

  60. Damaris Coriano

    Hi .Very happy you enjoy my island. I was born in NY. But living over 50 years. We the puertorricans are very friendly and loving. You have to come back and visit many many places to see. Like Vieques and Culebra for its beaches. When winter come you will enjoy the warm climate. Taste the different food God bless you and your mother.

  61. I am sooo happy for you! I was blessed that God made me born in this little paradise of Puerto Rico. Im glad you was able to experience the caring people that we have, the great tropical food and drinks and the beautiful beaches and nature. God bless you and thank you for sharing your experience. Say hello to mom, glad she had an awesome time too.

  62. So important to read and share this feedback! Our island is still under recovery. Getting totally over a Cat. 5 Hurricane takes a lot of community effort and courage! In love and so grateful with your article. Thank’s for sharing ♡.
    Welcome back!! remember to visit the Jayuya Aerostatic Globe, Vieques and Culebra two enchanted nearby islands.
    Best wishes!

  63. I’m so grateful that you had a chance to visit my beautiful Puerto Rico. Your experience is a testimony of the spirit of the Island and its people. I hope you visit again.

  64. Carlos Naranjo

    Glad you had a great vacation. I’m going to focus my comments on sharing some information about a local doctor that has developed an amazing technique with a great successful rate helping people with disabilities like yourself and even paralyzed from the neck down. He uses electromagnetic pulses applied into the nervous wiring system to stimulate the body to heal it self. It’s way more complicated than that but you can Google him and read about his techniques. Look him up in Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube under Dr.Osvaldo Font. His pain control clinic is in San Juan. He is a devoted christian and will tell you if he can help you or not from day one. Once again, thank you for your comments about Puerto Rico. GOD bless!

  65. Ricardo Cabrera

    Rachelle… just ran into your blog and comments on your trip to PR. I must confess that I was so emotionally struck (in a positive way) by your heartfelt depiction of your experience in my tiny dear island. You are so sensitive to your experiences and everything that goes around you. Not wanting to overextend myself here…I’ll just echo myself from all the words my fellow countrymen (and women) have already expressed before me. Please come back. It is our privilege to serve such a class act lady like yourself. And if you do, you MUST visit the southwest part of the island. I can’t be adamant enough. In fact, my wife and I volunteer to place ourselves at your service as our tour guides, no charge. And I’m dead serious! I”m retiring soon from my job (college professor) and will have all the time in the world. Best regards to your mom.
    pufanito@gmail.com at your service.

    Most cordially,
    Ricardo & Dolly

  66. Marianela Olivas

    Thank you so much for sharing, I am 53 years old and travel a lot. I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 and stopped walking unassisted in 2013. I knew my vacations were going to slow down and take a lot more planning . My family is originally from Puerto Rico so I have visited every couple of it of years. My last visit there was in 2016 when I was married. Reading your article gives me hope that I’ll be in Puerto Rico again.

  67. Dear Rachelle..we feel so proud and appreciative for sharing the experience of your visit to Puerto Rico. I really enjoy reading positive comments from tourists depicting experiences but yours make us feel prouder since it comes from someone whose special needs were so adequately taken care of. I could share your excitement and at the same time was amazed and proud of the people and resources you found to properly fulfill your needs and who made your stay an unforgettable. Though you should know you were able to enjoy just a few places in the northeastern part of PR but the most beautiful places are found in the inner part and throughout our island of 100 x 35 square miles. Visit different Facebook pages like Puertoricogram and Turisteando Puerto Rico to help you plan your next trip. Book in to local party bus tours like Chinchorreando, also in FB, they offer road trips to internal local tourists who love to head to different towns, they stop at different kioskos along the road, grab a drink or fried goodies, while they sing and dance all along the way, it’s so much fun. Toroverde zipline in the town of Orocovis is also one of the places you should visit next time like Jimmy Fallon did. Thank you so much for sharing your visit to Puerto Rico with the whole world and we hope you come back very soon!! ?

    1. Thank you so much for this information! We will be traveling to PR for the first time with a relative in a wheelchair. She is Nuyorican and LOvES music and partying, so the party bus is on my list! I will look into it. Cheers!

  68. Kathleen C Ellsworthl

    Thank you for the information that you shared. I hope to take my family to Puerto Rico in February or March. I didn’t want to have to rely on my son to have to push me around all the time. He deserves a vacation too. It’s great to know that there are so many handicap accessible activities.

    1. Hi Kathleen! Did you make it to PR? We are going for the first time with a relative in a wheelchair in a few months, and would love to hear any recommendations you may have. Thanks.

  69. My boyfriend tasked me with planning our trip to Puerto Rico. I came across your post and will be booking EVERYTHING and hope to have as amazing time as you and your mother. I would appreciate any tips you can offer.

  70. Rachelle Welch

    Do you by chance know the name of the waterfall you could drive up to in El Yunque?! We are visiting this weekend and my sister is eager to see a waterfall but I broke my patella twice in 4 months and am still in a brace so that seems ideal!

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